group classes




The short, intensive sports unit over lunch or in the evening after work! 45 minutes to boost your metabolism and fat burning to the maximum: a full body workout with light weights, sprint units or circuit training - just hardcore!




learn the fundamentals of running and improve your technique and overall strength and abilities with coach sandy.


Work on your weaknesses and coordination outdoors (or during the winter months indoors).

olympic weightlifting


6 & 7 PM

+ Monthly

Club trainings

Learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting with our professional athlete Flo - practice in the group and improve your Clean'n'Jerk & Snatch

The Olympic weightlifting Group class takes place every Wednesday evening, the class for beginner- & Advanced athletes are separated. Additionally the club offers monthly club trainings, the schedule can be found here.


Do 06:15 pm

So 10:00 am*

Yoga with Ramona promotes mobility and at the same time improves muscle regeneration. A regular yoga practice reduces stress and at the same time increases the performance potential in weight training. 


Ramona teaches Vinyasa Yoga - the classes are suitable for all levels (especially for beginners).

*every second Sunday - please check our course app.

HANDSTAND training

sa 10:00

Improve your Range of Motion with our movement trainer Cem! In the Movement classes you will improve your coordination, balance (learn the handstand!) & strengthen your muscles in a new, interesting way!