The difference

Our gym is for everyone - we offer a highly professional ENVIRONMENT for athletes and non-athletes, SENIORS, absolute beginners or people with disabilities! A huge selection of training possibilities IS WAITING FOR you on our 800 m2 training area: From high quality ELEIKO equipment, a punching bag, yoga  MATERIAL, 3 weight lifting platforms and up to 50 METRE artificial grass AKA PLAYGROUND!


Train Like "Sportfründ"

True sports friends train in the pack. That's why we offer a varied range of group courses: From hypertrophy training, HANDSTAND CLASS, Olympic weightlifting or relaxed yoga:

We got you covered!

Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting

Learn the Basics of Clean&Jeark and Snatch with our professional weightlifter Flo! Weekly classes

Strongwoman Training
Strongwoman Training

Strong(wo)man training is about building raw, functional strength with tools like sledges, farmer walks, ropes, tires, yokes, etc. Thursday 18:30 and Sunday 11:30.

Movement Training
Movement Training

Improve your Range of Motion with, learn the handstand, strengthen your muscles with Animal Flow or Spinal Waves. Monday 19:00 and Thursday 18:30


The Intensive Club offers 45 minutes of concentrated HIIT power. Metabolism and fat burning are put under maximum strain - without losing much time. Daily classes from Monday to Friday.

Hypertrophy Training
Hypertrophy Training

For all sports enthusiasts who want to bring their workout to the next level & bring themselves closer to their individual goals. Daily classes from Monday to Saturday.


Yoga with Ramona promotes flexibility and mobility. Regular yoga practice reduces stress, promotes regeneration and at the same time increases the performance potential in weight training. Thursday 19:30 Sunday 09:00

The memberships

EVERYONE WORKS OUT DIFFERENTLY - THAT'S WHY WE HAVE VARIOUS MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS - TO SUIT YOU + YOUR GOAL PERFECTLY! memberships always include a weak point analysis & an individual workout plan


& SEMINars

  • Jubiläums Fotoshooting
    Jubiläums Fotoshooting
    07 Aug, 10:00 – 08 Aug, 16:00
    Zürich, Hohlstrasse 506, 8048 Zürich, Schweiz
    Wir feiern 4 Jahre Klub der Sportfreunde! Wir feiern vor allem EUCH - die Sportfreunde! Reservier' dir deinen Slot im professionellen Fotoshooting an unserem Geburtstagswochenende!


the "Klub"

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